Has Saumya ever asked you to loan him money?

My wife has been here once.

Dawn doesn't go to a good school.

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What a mess!


Mr Newman often comes to Japan.

It took me three hours to finish my homework.

You don't like to talk about your past that much, do you?

How much do you charge?

I realize I messed up.

We'll eventually have to tell Mariou.

Thank you again, Norman.

He expected the boy to be the staff of his old age.

Andre bought his daughter a Mac for her birthday.

The dogs scared us.

That will be enough for the moment.

You're not supposed to be fighting.

It's no big secret that Hsi stepped out on his wife every chance he got.

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Hug me tight.

Research on the causes of cancer is very expensive.

I think I'm going to make a triple camomile.

Reflect on advantages and disadvantages before you make up your mind.

Good day!

I lived with a foster family for a couple of months when I was younger.

Have you read this morning's paper?

She received a parcel.

Danny needs to get ready for school.

I read jokes almost every day.

That was a near thing!


They went ahead with the plan since there were no objections.

Thank you for the dinner, it's so delicious.

It's not polite to speak with your mouth full.

I am sorry that my friend is not here.

He is the last man to steal.

Newspapers often "adapt" the truth.

Exercise improves health.

He will be back in a few days.

Do you want me to try talking to Soohong?

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He is the most valuable player in our team.


I tried to tell Prakash.

Everyone has to be somewhere.

They have been transported to various hospitals.


You can't park in a handicapped parking space unless you have a special permit.

Mine is better than yours.

Could you tell me the way to the subway station?


My sister bought me a red ribbon.

You've done a good job.

Is that what you mean?

I never see that play without crying.

Lar tipped the barrel over.

You look like someone I used to know.

I couldn't get Toerless to wake up.


That looks good.

It is very nice of you to help me with my homework.

We don't want to lose you.

I love how that language sounds.

Can you read phonetic symbols?

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Freedom is the essence of mathematics.

There's nothing for you to worry about.

How hard is it to learn to read music?

He's been so nice to me.

I wasn't penalized.

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Suddenly, it rained.

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We'll try to do that.

Sridhar doesn't even own a suit.

He couldn't appreciate the joke of the arrogant girls, so he took revenge.

Everything is expensive in London.

He said that he was giving a party that week, and that I was invited to it.

Sometimes he acts as if he were my boss.

I'm capable of doing that myself.

Would you like another glass of wine?

She is what is called a learned fool.

I cannot repeat the year. I must pass the exam.

Doing homework is extremely boring.

That's an excellent point.

Sir and I became very good friends.

As soon as he went out of the house, it began to rain.

I like the sound of what he says, but it IS just talk, you know.


We have no place to go.


I can't help laughing at that.

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This is the best dictionary there is in the library.

I'll be sure Gunnar gets the message.

Dan knew he had a problem.

I wish you success on your oral exam! Is the examiner French?

Don't delude yourself.


I have three exams at the end of the year.

You have my undying loyalty, Captain.

How much did they give you for your old car?


My mother almost never complains.

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How did you learn how to play the violin?


The enemy suffered staggering casualities.

I'm supposed to help her.

George's sister buttered a few sandwiches for me.


What do you study English for?


I'll heat up the soup for you.

Nancy is scared of dogs.

Earl had always wanted to climb Mt. Fuji, but until now, had not found the time to do so.

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We have great hopes for you.

I'm not looking for a partner.

We use cloth to make clothes.

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We postponed the event.


One of Diana's problems is that he can't read.


I should've known you were a model.


The capital of Ecuador is Quito, in the mountainous province of Pichincha.


Mick looks magnificent.

Because the store is so small, he has to wear many different hats, from accountant to stock boy.

Who says it isn't fixed?

This is by far the best novel that has been published this year.

And they brought us whole binders full of women.

How can I tell him what's happened to his family?

They're pretty harmless.

He keeps a cat.

The answer seems too obvious.

"Quiet," he whispered.

Is there any way I can get in touch with Evelyn?

Mike played a bad trick on his brother.

Where is Jim?


They dated just for a year.

He is no good as a doctor.

It was good news.


That bad person has strange clothes.

Apparently they aren't given, but loaned.

I'm not too sure how to pronounce that word.

He lost the game.

Adult coloring books have become popular recently.


Eli has a terrible memory.

It is just noon.

Some lectures are not wholesome for children.

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I said nothing of the sort.


I teach here.

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All I need is one.

Why are you so quick to blame Rodney?

I need to make a phone call.

"Where did he kiss you?" "On my lips."

I plan to throw all of this away. You may take whatever you like.


Do you want to go first?


We smiled at them.

Mother is more anxious about the result of the examination than I am.

Liz, get out of this body!

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She fitted me out with the money.

I really love working out.

Maybe it's not as hard as it looks.

These pictures are amazing.

Does that smell bother you?


Toby can't tell jokes.

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It's very cold now.

I misunderstand more than half the questions.

Strawberry juice is good for your memory.

The second lesson is very easy.

I know we gotta stay quiet!

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Who is the author of this story?


He seems very pleasant.


They'll grow.

It's because I missed my usual train.

We're getting off at the next station.


Mehrdad doesn't look evil.


Terrance's face was as white as a sheet.